“We Pull Apart the Dark”

Oct 4, 2017 | Counseling, Personal, Recovery, Therapy

by Christy Denne, LIMHP, NCC

“Like fireworks
We pull apart the dark.”

In the Embers, by Sleeping at Last

Last week, one of my clients introduced me to their favorite band, Sleeping at Last. I have been listening to their album Atlas all week. The lyrics are so beautifully written and emotionally charged. As I listened to “In the Embers,” this specific line jumped out of the speakers and into my heart: “Like fireworks, we pull apart the dark.”

This line. This line is the definition of what it means to be a therapist. By nature, fireworks scare some, and excite others; they are beautiful, powerful, and dangerous. This is therapy.

In that space in time sitting across from my client, I seize the moment to pull apart the dark. This can be painful. This can be messy. It can, at times, blow up in our faces. But the process is beautiful and emotional, like a Fourth of July fireworks show.

As we know, there is a certain stigma about crossing the threshold into a therapist’s office. What will others think? I don’t want to be crazy! I don’t want to be labeled! Will they judge my story? Am I weak? Why can I not handle this on my own? These are all fluttering statements that flash through a lot of people’s minds when the word therapy is mentioned. Listen: these statements are far from the truth.

Like fireworks, we pull apart the dark. The almost divine moments of light which can occur within the safe context of therapy are comparable to fireworks. It is our honor to sit in moments of darkness with our clients, to shine light into some of the darkest recesses of the heart. Like bursting showers of color, the counseling relationship is meant to shed empathy, comfort, and insight to help the heart heal. Therapy is so much more than labeling illness…it is a place to gain clarity concerning what is hidden, causing the darkness. When the flame is lit, and the darkness is forced back, our monsters begin to flee.

The next time the words “therapy,” “therapist,” or “counseling” become  stigmatized, scary words within a conversation, I challenge you to rethink their definition. The sacred space of sitting with a safe counselor can be the spark that burns away the dark. You are more than than the embers of your story.

Do you have monsters crawling in your dark? Are your monsters named Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, or Addiction? Fight the stigma surrounding that one, all-important word: “Help”. Reach out to one of our therapists at Hope and Wellness center. We truly are like fireworks, we pull apart the dark.

Photo: Unsplash by Jamie Street

Meet Christy:

Owning your story can be difficult when life feels outside of your control. My goal as a therapist is to provide a compassionate and safe setting where an individual, couple, or family can develop positive, effective, healthy changes and coping skills as well as improve their overall wellness. I have been helping individuals, families, and couples with a wide array of life issues for over five years…


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