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by Francis Carter-Kaisi M.S., PLMHP, BSN-RN

So, why create a vision broad? How can a vision board help me to reach my goals? What is a vision board? Does vision board really work? How do I make a vision board? These are all genuine questions to ask. My hope for you is that by the end of this blog, you will have acquired the answer to these questions and be inspired to go out an create your own vision board.



Why create a vision board?

Do you feel like you’re unsure of what to do with your life? Who do you want to be? Creating a vision board will not only help to inspire and motivate you, but also assist you on achieving more clarity and focus to attain your future goal(s). Vision boards can help give directions for what you are trying to achieve for yourself in every area of your life (i.e. career, education, spiritual, health, wealth, relationships, and so on).

How can a vision board help me reach my goals?

Have you ever sat quietly and stared out the window, or closed your eyes while practicing structured daydreaming? Any daydreaming regarding a dream you want to achieve or a goal you aim to complete? You most likely use all five of your senses to graphically envision yourself working at accomplishing a realistic dream or goal. You may also go through emotions and feelings as you attain this dream or goal; processing how it will affect and change your life.

         What you are envisioning in your mind is basically a mental image of a vision board. It is a visual representation of your goals. In other words, it is a compilation of things that encourage, inspire, and motivate you. As you continue to read this blog, hopefully it will help you create and turn your own dreams/goals that you see in your mind into a reality.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a board you create with viewable inspirational images, scents, textiles, quotes, drawings, and/or paints that are arranged in a collage format. The sole purpose of putting together a collection of important depictions is to allow your mind to envision those dreams and goals.

Does a vision board really work?

Studies have shown that when you organize your dreams and goals on a vision board, it will help you turn them into a reality. Whatever dreams or goals you are aspiring or wanting to achieve in your life, you can look at it daily. It will allow for a consistent visualization, which in return will instruct your mind, body, and soul to manifest your dreams and goals. Thus, turning them into a reality.


How to make a vision board?

There are no specific rules that you will need to follow when creating your own vision board. When thinking about what to place on your vision board, focus on what makes you feel happy. You might want to add significant and relevant things, which are great. However, remember the more focus you place on how you aspire to feel, the better the chance of your vision board becoming a reality in your life.

Tips and ideas for creating a vision board

Before getting started, there are two main questions you will need to ask yourself. “What is the message I would like for my vision board to convey?” and “How would I like for my vision board to look?”

  • Family life
  • Career goals
  • Office
  • Lifestyle
  • Health & Wellness
  • Relationships
  • Vacation


  • A poster board, cork board, or even a pin board will work fine. The size and color will depend on your own person preference.
  • Scissors, tape, glue-stick, push pins, markers, and stickers along with any other items you will like to include on your vision board (Dollar stores, Target’s Dollar Store, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and Party stores have great finds year around).
  • Magazines and newspaper cutouts, photographs, postcards brochures/pamphlets/flyers
  • Scenery
  • Quotes printed from the internet or cards.
  • Written words



Once you have gathered all your materials and supplies, make sure you are in a relaxed and calming environment. (Hint: Light your favorite scented candle, play calming music, turn on a diffuser etc.). Lay your board on a flat surface. Arrange your images as you like, before gluing or taping them. (This will give you an indication of where you might like everything to be placed). Once you have arranged your pictures and words to your liking, you can either use a glue-stick or tape to adhere them to your vision board.

Remember to select items and words that pertain to your personal goals. This can be a great summer project, New Year’s goal, Birthday goal, or a life reset goal. There is no specific timeframe on how quick you will need to have your vision board completed. So, take your time, and think about what you want your life to look like. Collect images, words, and quotes to reflect your vision. But, most of all have FUN!

Thank you!

Francis Carter-Kaisi M.S., PLMHP, BSN-RN


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