About Hope & Wellness Center

Live Loved. Love Well. Carry Hope.

What is the Hope & Wellness Center?

At Hope and Wellness Center (HWC), we partner with you on your wellness journey. Whether you find yourself in a dark place without hope or facing a fork in the road, HWC is prepared to walk with you through counseling and life coaching. Our staff is trained in a wide variety of modalities including Cognitive Behavioral, Trauma Focused, EMDR, and more. We value every story, and we desire to help you reach all of your goals.

Our Mission:

Hope and Wellness Center seeks to promote and enhance hope, healing, and wholeness in mind, soul, and body for individuals, professionals, leaders, and families through quality, integrative, compassionate, and unified services for whole person wellness; emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Our Code of Honor:

Live Loved

We desire to LIVE LOVED. This means each person continues to grasp, understands, and know they are loved; deeply, completely, and unconditionally. As we continue to know, learn, understand, and believe we are LOVED and when we LIVE our lives out in that LOVE we walk with hope, strength, and purpose.

Love Well

We desire to LOVE others WELL. As we continue to heal, our personal healing inspires us to reach out, serve, care for, and love others well.

Carry Hope

We desire to CARRY HOPE.  This means we carry with us a strong and confident expectation of healing for ourselves and for every person who comes across our path. We will share our stories of hope and healing and begin to journey with others to impart hope.

Our Vision:

The vision of Hope and Wellness Center is to provide excellent integrative holistic care…

By creating:

a safe place for clients and practitioners through offering a calm, healing, authentic, and accepting atmosphere.

By empowering and encouraging:

our clients and practitioners to practice and promote self-care and self-advocacy in their families, businesses, and communities.

By guiding and educating:

our clients in the vital connection between the mind, soul, and body and the impact the connection has on our whole person wellness; emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

By connecting:

our clients and practitioners to the community’s available resources, services, faith organizations, churches, and other practitioners in an effort to enrich the lives of our clients, practitioners, and the community.

By nurturing and loving:

people from all walks of life during all seasons of life.

By inspiring and leading:

a movement of essential and radical support of our practitioners through validation, fair compensation, education/training, balanced schedules, appreciation, and support.

…so that we are known in the community as a leader of leaders who values, respects, and authentically and compassionately cares about our clients, practitioners, and our community.

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