Daring Greatly

6 Week Workshop


6 Week Workshop

Based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, Daring Greatly helps individuals learn to live a wholehearted life of greater joy, courage, gratitude, and authenticity. This experience will help you quiet your inner critic, embrace your imperfections, and own your birthright of worthiness. We will learn how to gather the courage to live bravely, and cultivate meaningful connections.

If you desire more of these, then this experience is for you!

Attendance at this workshop does not mean you are being trained or certified in The Daring Way™ and you cannot promote yourself as a CDWF-Candidate or CDWF. To learn more about The Daring Way certification process, go to www.thedaringway.com

For: Adults

When: No Current Group Planned

Cost: TBD (HSA and Insurance accepted)

Led by:

Denise Legg Braverlly, M.A., LIMHP, LPC, NCC, CDWF



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