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You Are More

Guest Post by Angela PrusiaFor the past ten years, my husband and I have volunteered with TEEN REACH, a camp and mentoring program providing hope to teens residing in foster care. Recently we visited one of our campers at a detention center for incarcerated...

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To Journal or Not To Journal… That is the Question!

  by Denise Legg, M.A., LIMHP   It’s one of those things you've thought about doing or maybe you've actually started a journal, or two, or ten over the years. Most likely, you either love it or you hate it. You know it’s probably a good idea and you've...

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The Healing Language of Art

by Christy Denne, LIMHP, NCC There are roughly 6,700 languages spoken in the world today. Each of these languages are comprised of thousands upon thousands words organized together to form sentences, paragraphs, exclamations, and conversations. But who can relate to...

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A Perfectionistic Perspective

  by Denise Legg, M.A., LIMHP   If you have ever experienced that moment of utter disappointment in yourself, realizing that you have once again fallen short of what was formerly a dream of accomplishing perfection, you are not alone. In society today, many...

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Obsessed with Thin

  Guest Post by Hannah   The only thing more frustrating than “feeling fat,” was the number on the scale, which quickly became my identity. Why hadn’t I met my goal? Why was it so easy for every other girl in high school to stay at a beautiful 110 pounds,...

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Self-Care is Not Selfish

by Denise Legg, M.A., LIMHP A few years ago I was in the Omaha airport after returning from a very restful and healing trip to Florida with my husband. Since it was just the two of us traveling, my husband went to get our car and I went to get our luggage. I scooted...

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