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Letter from a Foster Parent

  by Hillary Chaney, LMHP   To you, the wild heart. The one who stands up, covered in mud after slipping and sliding. The one who goes left when the rest go right. The one who sees beauty in the fog. On behalf of the young ones and the seemingly overlooked population...

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Massage and Meditation

by Julie Crowell-Gunter Are meditation and balance on your New Years goals? Have you been searching for ways to bring stillness in your life? Are you looking for ways to relax? Scheduling a massage may just what you need to kickstart your wellness goals. Meditation...

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You Are Special: Reflections on Mr. Rogers

By Hillary Chaney, LMHP I recently read a book about Mr. Rogers (the “Won’t you be my neighbor?” guy).  While there were several takeaways amidst the charming anecdotes, I was most deeply moved by the description of Fred Rogers creating his “neighborhood” show to...

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Are You “Shoulding” On Yourself for 2018?

  by Hillary Chaney, LMHP   New Years resolutions bring me a lot of hope and excitement.  I make resolutions as a launching pad, so to speak, to ensure a GREAT New Year! Start the year with the bar raised a bit. But why do resolutions also bring me anxiety and rarely...

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“We Pull Apart the Dark”

by Christy Denne, LIMHP, NCC "Like fireworks We pull apart the dark." -In the Embers, by Sleeping at Last Last week, one of my clients introduced me to their favorite band, Sleeping at Last. I have been listening to their album Atlas all week. The lyrics are so...

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You Are More

Guest Post by Angela PrusiaFor the past ten years, my husband and I have volunteered with TEEN REACH, a camp and mentoring program providing hope to teens residing in foster care. Recently we visited one of our campers at a detention center for incarcerated...

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To Journal or Not To Journal… That is the Question!

  by Denise Legg, M.A., LIMHP   It’s one of those things you've thought about doing or maybe you've actually started a journal, or two, or ten over the years. Most likely, you either love it or you hate it. You know it’s probably a good idea and you've reaped the...

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