Addiction comes in many forms: gambling, pornography, over-eating, technology, drug, alcohol, etc.  It’s a common misconception that being addicted to something means you start every morning by cracking open a beer and drinking all day until you blackout.  Addiction can be defined as regular use (everyday use) or sporadic problematic use (binging every weekend; gambling for several days at a time).  At HWC, “addiction” is just a label that doesn’t have to be used if that doesn’t work for you.  We don’t have to call it that if you don’t feel comfortable or you don’t feel it applies to you.  Take a moment and answer these two questions:

1) Do you use (alcohol, pornography, drugs, etc.)?

2) Has use of this (these) substances caused you any problems (probation? lost relationships? You’ve stopped doing things you used to enjoy?)?

If you answered yes to these questions, you might have a problem, or be struggling with, a substance or habit.  We don’t have to use the word addiction.  We don’t have to use the word alcoholic.  Those words can be really scary.  If you think you have a problem, we want to help.  If you are on probation, we want to help you successfully complete it.  If you are struggling, we want to help.

HWC also does substance use evaluations to fulfill your legal/court obligations and to determine what level of care will help you be successful.


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